"I think the value add of MindShift Partners is that they can fill the gap between a company that can support a full-time controller or CFO, and a company that is on the way to getting there. With the right person part time, from a company that has a stable of resources ready to respond, we can prepare for the growth without stifling ourselves or straining cash flow."

- Greg Moore, CEO, Harbor Healthcare

We offer a range of online marketing and lifecycle management services.  Here's some examples of what we have done internally and for our clients.  

Mindshift LogoLogo Rebranding
MindShift Partners took on the task of changing our name and rebranding our entire website internally, without the help of an outside firm, during the summer of 2009. Critical to the effort was the development of a logo that could capitalize on our new corporate identity. We developed a detailed spec and worked tirelessly with our developers overseeing every step of the process through to the final product.
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Mindshift WebsiteWebsite Redesign
With a logo complete we worked on the next step of our rebranding: The Website. Drawing on years of experience in Internet marketing, the partners at MindShift oversaw every aspect of the web development including the look and feel, content and architecture. Only once all the these details were finalized did we work hand-in-hand with our designer on the final product.  
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Mindshift Online PromotionInternet Marketing
Critical to any online advertising campaign are effective landing pages. Sales opportunities are missed when prospective customers are dropped on a company's homepage with no specific call to action. We designed our landing pages internally to correspond with our Google Adwords Campaign. As a result, we were able to increase click through rates and, ultimately, sales.
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Email Marketing
Mindshift Online PromotionEmail marketing can take the form of monthly newsletters, promotions or lifecycle management campaigns designed to upsell to current customers or to win back old customers. With over fifteen years of marketing, publishing and advertising experience, we can develop or maintain your company's email marketing campaigns and further your reach with blog and social networking integration.
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